Hickory North Carolina Restaurants That Are Going To Make An Impression

Looking at the top restaurants in Hickory NC, what do you see? If you haven’t looked just yet, don’t worry about it because I’m going to give you the names of some great establishments that you will like. You need a place to sit down, relax and eat some great food. I’ve got you covered, as these three restaurants are cool places to visit if you are in the city of Hickory searching out good food. Testing Link

Olde Tavern is located at 2710 North Center Street, and burgers, potato cakes and wings make the menu highlights. The wings are smoked, and that makes them sound really delicious, don’t you think? And guess what, the potato cakes aren’t just any potato cakes. They are garlic mashed potato cakes, and visitors to this restaurant really seem to like them. Olde Tavern certainly appears to be a unique establishment that serves up food that you would find enjoyable.

Dockside Fish & Seafood is the next establishment, and it is located at 2014 North Center Street. You can expect the best seafood according to the reviews, and that sounds good. You are talking about all kinds of great choices. Not only do you get the best seafood, but of course that means it is always fresh. One of the popular favorites is what is called a Tuna Steak.

Hot Potato is located at 10 1st Avenue NW, and the food shown in the pictures on a travel site looks amazing. There is a menu item called the Bad Piggy, and it is is boneless ribs and mac n’ cheese served over french fries. This establishment also serves up pizza, angry chicken, chicken and waffles and much more. One person said in a review that Hot Potato features a bar type setting and called it a french fry bar. That is an interesting concept, and I have to say that I haven’t heard of an entree like the Bad Piggy before. That sounds really creative and scrumptious.

Are you on your way to try the Bad Piggy at Hot Potato? Perhaps you are on your way to one of the other two establishments. You are going to enjoy trying out all of the flavorful entrees that are made available to you at these restaurants. If I were a meat eater, I would be trying the Bad Piggy first. However, I do eat french fries every so often, and the mac n’ cheese over french fries sounds good.